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Flexo, Gravure, Silk Screen inks for paper, PVC, Nylon and Board Marker.

Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB)

COSBO Products
Product Name C.I. NO Pigment(%) Color
WHITE 1100 WHITE 6 74  
YELLOW 2302 YELLOW 83 45  
ORANGE 3600 ORANGE 34 45  
RED 4554 RED 254 45  
BLUE 5083 BLUE 15:3 45  
BLUE 5060 BLUE 60 45  
VIOLET 7000 VIOLET 23 30  
BLACK 8550 BLACK 7 50  

Possible to make chip with other pigments according to customer's request.

COSBO is a prepared pigment dispersed in PVB resin at hith concentration, so you can get high-quality inks just by
dissolving it with alcohol-typed solvents.

A pen of COSBO effers sharp and clear letterings on a whiteboard. Also, you can easily clean up the witheboard, whether a pen of COSBO is used just now or long time ago.

A simple dispersion process of COSBO saves costs in production and solvent usage.
In addition, it helps you keep workplaces cleaned, because COSBO doesn't fly in the air while poweder-typed pigments does.

Base Ink Formulation and Method of Manufacturing

Material Content(%)
COSBO Chip 8 ~ 10
Ethanol 50 ~ 55
IPA 25 ~ 27
Additives 8 ~ 17
1. Put the chips to mixed solvent and dissolve slowly until it fully melted.
2. Adjust the viscosity and color of ink by increase/dicrease mixed solvent.