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What is the Ink Chip (Pre-dispersion pigment chip)?

1) It is a pre-dispersed pigment from ingredients of ink to relevant resin by peak concentration. ( pigment cotents are 40~80%)

2) It is possible to produce ink without pigment dispersion process which is the most complicate process in ink production.

The merits in making inks by chip

(1) As the chips are fully dispersed with pigments, resin and others in advance, it's possible to produce high-quality inks through melting the chips into relevant solvents and necessary additivies by simple dissolving machine and mixing tank.

(2) You can save the labor cost and minimize the loss of solvents when produce ink.

(3) You can get better quality ink by chip than exist ink production method by powder.

(4) As you can shorten the ink production time ( about 1 hour ), it will very easy to meet the required delivery time if you have peoper stock of chips

(5) Priting company can make necessary ink by himself directly with ink chips.( Technical support will available )

The specific character of chip ink

(1) When printing, The colors are very clear As chip inks are treated completely with excellent and uniform dispersion, ( it is possible to print constantly at high speed and also repeat the same color at a later stage. (repeatability)

(2) The High gloss and the strength of the color are improved.
The complete dispersion of chip inks improves color strength and gloss by 10% or more.

(3) The blocking resistance is finer than the existing inks The production system of efficiency and stability with the specific character of chip ink is also very good to block resistance, with a high degree of adhesion power, laminating, stability of storage and a trouble free of any static electricity.

(4) The quantity of residual solvent is much lower with ink chips.
Our tests show that the solvent residue is reduced to about 1/3 or 1/4 compared to solvent pigment inks.